Who We Are ?

About Us

Founded in 2009 in Montreal, Cool&Simple has become the specialist in frozen gourmet products in Canada. With our own network of specialty boutiques and a selection of products available in leading grocery stores, our sales are now growing rapidly.

While the word “frozen” is too often synonymous with “less flavour”, “less nutritiousness” and generally of “low quality”, Cool&Simple has invested in the QUALITY of its products and their packaging from the start. Innovation is our reason for being: on average, we launch one gourmet novelty per week.

All our products meet the strictest requirements for food safety. What fundamentally distinguishes us from “frozen industrials” is our obsession with quality. Each Cool&Simple product is first tested and approved by our “Taste Committee” comprised of members of our team.

The focus is on the quality of ingredients, “homemade” taste and ease of preparation. If a recipe is not unanimously appreciated by members of the Committee, it is not commercialized. We must be proud to serve our products to our family and friends!