Who We Are ?

Ming Jung, Sales Manager, Allied Food Services, Vancouver, BC

«Our customers have been very happy with Gastronomia’s products and the support from Talid has been exceptional!»

Yann Garzon, chef exécutif, Hotel Mortagne, Boucherville, QC

«Je recommande fortement à ceux qui ont besoin de produits hauts de gamme d’essayer les produits Panifrance. Ils sont synonymes de qualité et de constance. Ils me permettent une flexibilité et une fiabilité qu’aucun autre manufacturier n’a pu me livrer.»

Yuri Kato, Editor-in-chief,, New York, NY

«Boiron are must-have cocktail ingredients for serious mixologists. Gastronomia offers a great range of flavours that cannot be found elsewhere including my favourite chestnut flavour.»

Nicole Coady, Executive Pastry Chef, Finale Desserterie, Malden, MA

«Building a high quality brand is always important and starting with high quality products is one of the most important steps in the process. Boiron makes it easy to achieve this goal. The purées are always consistent in flavour and I love the variety. The new products are also great for providing inspiration.»

John Valente, Operations Manager, Marigolds & Onions Catering, Toronto, ON

«In today’s competitive market, Gastronomia stands out as a company committed to providing quality product and service to match.»

Andy Seymour, Partner aka winegeek; Beverage Alcohol Resource, NY

"As someone who uses the boiron purees regularly, the layers of texture and complexity they bring are extremely important to any cocktail, and I am of the believe that ingredients should be kept to a minimum. By using the best ingredients one can achieve complexity and nuance without using 10 ingredients in every cocktail"

Jonathan Pogash, Mixologist, Editor-in-chief - Bartenders Bulletin/Ardents Spirits, NY.

"As a mixologist and cocktail consultant for bars, restaurants and spirits brands, I enjoy very much using Boiron's line of deliciously fresh and innovative purees. The mixability factor of all of their products is superb, and makes my job (and life) a little bit easier. The versatility of Boiron purees is terrific - not only do I use them behind the bar in my cocktails, but the chefs at the restaurants I work for use it behind the line in the kitchen. I'm always looking for the next popular flavour, and Boiron seems to be on the cutting edge of that field"

Frank Balducci, chef exécutif, Wyndham Cap Tremblant, Tremblant, QC

«J’utilise les produits Panifrance tels que les viennoiseries depuis plusieurs années et je n’ai que de bons commentaires à faire sur ces produits. J’utilise aussi la gamme de champignons surgelés qui sont très pratiques et de bonne qualité. Les coulis Boiron sont eux aussi très pratiques et depuis plusieurs années nous les utilisons avec grand plaisir pour décorer nos assiettes ou comme base de smoothies.»

Junior Merino, Master Mixologist, Liquid Chef, NY

"In 2004 I began to work at the Modern where Executive Chef Gabriel Kreuther gave me complete access to their extensive collection of Purees, Spices, Fruits, etc. It was during this gastronomic exploration that I discovered the Boiron purees. Not only did it give my cocktail menu variety but also consistency to my cocktails. The Boiron Purees gave me the flexibility to utilize exotic ingredients year round"

Tony Abou Ganim, International Consultant, The Modern Mixologist, Las Vegas, NV

«I initially came across Boiron purées in the pastry kitchen of the Bellagio Resort in 1998. I enlisted the advice of Bellagio Pastry Chef Jean Phillipe Maury, who introduced me to Boiron White Peach Purée. They are made from the freshest fruits picked at the peak of season and are consistent year round. I have tried to match their quality and have not been able too. I can’t even make a better fresh purée myself. They allow me to create a recipe with confidence, knowing that I will be able to recreate that same recipe, consistently, year round.»

Marc Aumont, Executive Pastry Chef, The Modern, New York, NY

«Pour nos préparations, nous utilisons des fruits frais et saisonniers, autrement nous utilisons les fruits en purée Boiron le reste du temps pour leur grande qualité et consistance. C'est le produit du pâtissier "modern".»

Jay Lynn, Executive Chef, Hilton Whistler Resort & Spa, Whistler, BC

«The freezer-to-oven croissants and danishes are of superb quality and very user-friendly.»

Stéphane Loré, Chef Exécutif, Hyatt Regency Montréal, Montréal, QC

«De par la qualité et la sélection des produits proposés par Gastronomia, le service à la clientèle reste un des meilleurs sur la province du Québec. Une source de référence en terme de qualité!»