Gastronomia | COVID-19

Gastronomia | COVID-19

Update on COVID-19: July 2021


Gastronomia at your service

The culinary landscape is evolving and adapting to what we might call the post-COVID era.  The Gastronomia team salutes the resilience and creativity shown by professionals in the hotel, restaurant and institutional sectors.

At Gastronomia, we are committed to acting in the best interests of our employees and customers. We continue to take action and adapt the way we operate on a daily basis to guarantee a high level of service and maintain stability in our supply chain while providing a safe working environment for our employees.

We also wish to reiterate our commitment to our distinguished clientele.  Rest assured that all conditions are in place to offer you premium quality products, innovation to surprise your customers while preserving the most demanding food safety. 

More than ever, Gastronomia's mission is clear: to provide chefs with innovative culinary solutions that simplify preparation and create memorable moments. 

Whether you need to rethink your recipes, address a staffing shortage, or keep tight control of your inventory, Gastronomia has solutions for you, discover them:

     √ Better management of your workforce

     √ Better cost control

     √ Better inventory management

We work hard to maintain the high standards expected by our customers.  No matter what challenge you face, we have solutions.  Our team is at your service. 

Reach our experts for any questions or requests by phone at 1-877-281-6400 or by email

Thank you for your loyalty.

Gastronomia Management