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Vanilla Tartlet Shells

Vanilla Tartlet Shells

* NEW *

Made in Europe and in the United States, these culinary solutions meet the requirements of chefs across Canada:

- All butter tartlet shells
- Artisanal quality 
- Premium all natural ingredients 
- GMO Free 
- Plant-based inner coating to protect against the humidity of the filling (remain crispy) 
- Straight-edge tartlet shells
- No artificial colourings or flavours


It is recommended to thaw products slowly.  Remove them from the freezer the night before and refrigerate them in their packaging.

Code Product name DiameterHeightDimensionsWeightPackagingKosherHalal
FRV30Mini Vanilla Round30 mm17 mmn/a5 g / 0.18 ozCase of 189 unitsYesNo
FRV38Small Vanilla Round38 mm16 mmn/a8 g / 0.28 ozCase of 210 unitsYesNo
FRV50Medium Vanilla Round50mm16.5 mmn/a14 g / 0,49 ozCase of 90 units YesNo
FRV80Large Vanilla Round80 mm17 mmn/a28 g / 0.99 ozCase of 60 units YesNo
FRV80SLarge Slim Vanilla Round80 mm11 mmn/a20 g / 0.71 ozCase of 60 units YesNo
FCV70Large Vanilla Squaren/a17.5 mm70 X 70 mm32 g / 1.13 ozCase of 60 units YesNo
FREV100Large Vanilla Rectanglen/a19 mm100 X 35 mm26 g / 0.92 ozCase of 90 units NoYes