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Chocolate Tartlet Shells

Chocolate Tartlet Shells

* NEW *

Made in Europe and in the United States, these culinary solutions meet the requirements of chefs across Canada:

- Artisanal quality 
- Premium all natural ingredients 
- GMO Free 
- Plant-based inner coating to protect against the humidity of the filling (remain crispy) 
- Straight-edge tartlet shells
- No artificial colourings or flavours


It is recommended to thaw products slowly.  Remove them from the freezer the night before and refrigerate them in their packaging.
Shelf life: 18 mois

Code Product name DiameterDimensionsHeightWeightPackagingKosherHalal
FRCHOC38Small Chocolate Round38 mmn/a16 mm7 g / 0.25 ozCase of 210 unitsYesNo
FRCHOC50Medium Chocolate Round50mmn/a16.5 mm14 g / 0,49 ozCase of 90 units YesNo
FRCHOC80Large Chocolate Round80 mmn/a17 mm28 g / 0.99 ozCase of 60 units YesNo
FCCHOC70Large Chocolate Squaren/a70 X 70 mm17.5 mm32 g / 1.13 ozCase of 60 units YesNo